Old East Rags is the story of North Carolina. It’s one of long, hot summers spent casting a line in the early morning mist or trekking through overgrown woods to reach that breathtaking view. It’s the story of crisp fall days and laughter shared over a bonfire and a couple beers, making memories and feeling loved. Old East Rags is the story of carving a new trail, letting curiosity take you into the unknown and finding along the way what it means to be alive.

Our modest beginnings are rooted in ideas scribbled on cocktail napkins with beer in hand, and a sewing machine set up in the living room. It all started with the vision of a better hat, ditching embroidery for the classic structure of a great patch hand stitched with unparalleled attention to detail. We’re no longer stitching hats in the living room, our team works in an open space in downtown Raleigh, designing, stitching, and shipping great patch hats with the same amount of passion, attention to detail, and love that we started with. 

We believe life is about taking the risk, saying yes before you’re ready, and building a life you love. Maybe it’s hiking that big peak, or waking up at dawn to nab the good fishing spot, maybe it’s moving across the country, or starting a business with your best friend. Whatever it is, we encourage you to snug down your hat and bravely step out into the unknown.

 -Scott & Brian


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